Understanding QiGong and Qi



Chi chakra same thing, in order to manipulate chi you need to take 40 day practicing breathing and feeling to store chi in Dan tian, once you have enough amount of chi you can use your though and breathing technic to direct the chi flow through your body and open up all the clogged chi pulse, staring from Dan tian and direct your chi going to your upper butt cheek, slowly but surely going up directly, remember directly, if your chi goes into wrong direction you’ll get into a big trouble, direct your chi from Dan tian to the upper butt cheek to the back, going up towards you neck back of the head, very top of the head, and goes down direction back to Dan tian to complete a cycle. you’ll feel as if there’s a very small electricity dot flowing with a tingling sensation in the body driven by your though and breathing. took me about 2 hour to open up all the clogs blocking chi flow, I felt really warm and happy after I was done for some reason, I don’t really know chi is something practical but I can wear a T shirt outside in a Michigan December, just standing in the snow for 2 hours and I wouldn’t freeze, I felt really warm when having the chi cycle flowing up and down in a circle.



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