God is silent, only eyes from where I stand
Sunday’s eclipse the monumental scale of man
Life leaves us parentless in a world I do not love
There’s no causality for what I’m thinking of….

(Guardian Angel):
And I am the face you see within the mirror
And I am the hand that holds the fist away
And I am the dream forgotten in the morning
And I am……I am……

We are the faith of your tomorrows
Let us breathe, let us see, let us be……
We are your prayers engulfed in sorrow
Let us breathe, let us see, let us be……let us be……

Oh God I only need to see
To share this light
To make this hope
To make it me……

Life may leave us stretched across the soul we buried
Sunday moving slower when the loneliness sets in
And if our children die before we reach our own demise
Then life is blacker still, blacker than the blackest fire



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